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New Channel Media is the photo and video distribution source for any work produced by Michael Fox or those who he represents.

We work with agencies, networks, publications and websites to deliver engaging and compelling content for a global audience. Commissions are accepted.


New Channel Media acts as the sponsoring editorial organisation for press and media accreditation. Supporting documentation can be found below. Referral letters will be submitted per individual requirements.

Telephone contact for media accreditation can be made using this UK number: +44(0)1491 377373


Business Week, Newsweek, Information Week, Time, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Hawaii Tribune Herald, Financial Times, Deseret News, Houston Chronicle, Forbes, Fortune, GQ, Inc., Die Welt, Der Spiegel, La Monde, Le Parisian, La Tribune, China Business Magazine, Conde Nast Publications, National Law Journal, PR Week, Hello Magazine, Henley Media, Now Magazine, National Examiner, National Enquirer, Christian Science, Common Ground

BBC, ITV, E! Channel, AOL, Greenpeace, Pearson Education, CBS News, Stella Pictures, MSNBC, CNN, Comedy Central

SAP, PepsiCo, Motorola, E3, Notre Dame, NASA, Veritas, Learning Annex.
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